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28 List building
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List building should be a marketers number one priority, it’s crucial to anybody trying to build a business online. Check out this post – The Importance Of Building A Mailing List

So here’s 28 list building techniques you can use to skyrocket your subscriber numbers.



1) Research And Write Relevant Content

Research and write informative and relevant content that your readers are interested in, you could even send out an email to your list asking your readers what they’re interested in.
This will not only keep them happy, but also boost the amount of people who share your content with their friends. You could also sign up to other people’s lists to see what they are writing about.


2) Avoid Free Autoresponder Services

These free services can go down at anytime and they’re unreliable, for me this enough of a reason to stay well away from them. The emails you send out using them are also more likely to be recognized as spam so you should really use a professional autoresponder like Aweber


3) Create A Squeeze Page

Build a squeeze page that specifically captures the names and email addresses of visitors.


4) Put An Opt-in Form On Your Blog

If your blog generates repeat readers on a regular basis, they’re highly likely to subscribe to your mailing lists. Simply add an opt-in form to the sidebar of your blog using your autoresponder.
I use a WordPress plugin that links to my Aweber account which allows me to easily choose between my lists and add opt-in forms to my blog.


5) Create A Newsletter

You can use your RSS feed to build your list but it’s not very effective. A more effective way would be to start a newsletter on related topics that are popular with your readers, addressing a genuine need or solving a problem.


6) Write A Free Report

Write a short report around 10-15 pages long on a specific topic or area of your niche, and give it away to your subscribers.


7) Offer A Gift Or Bonus

Offering a gift or a bonus is a great way of getting people to opt-in to your lists.
A good bonus to offer could be a short informative report or video, teaching or informing them on something specific.


8) Ad Swaps

Ad swaps are where you swap ads with other marketers in your niche, you place someones ad into your emails and they agree to do the same.
Being recommended by other people in the same market is great for getting exposure to new subscribers.


9) Social Media

You should definitely set up social media profiles to make people aware of you and what you’re offering.
I use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+ and Instagram and they all produce targeted traffic. Post to all your profiles telling people about your content to drive them to your list.


10) Create A Facebook Page

Create a facebook page and post relevant information about your niche and business, with links to your blog and squeeze pages.
You could also offer coupons or discounts off your products when people “Like” your facebook page. You can also get people to sign up to your list on your facebook page.


11) FaceBook Ads

Facebook ads are an extremely powerful tool when it comes targeting people.
When setting up a facebook ad you can be highly specific, targeting only people who will be interested in your offers.
Create a facebook ad linking it directly to your blogs, squeeze pages and products where you have a strong call to action capturing people onto your list.


12) Create An Effective Call To Action

Like in point 6 of this list, you could create a free gift and offer it as a bonus to your subscribers.
Using your autoresponder design a great looking sign-up form with a strong call to action, then put it in the top of your blogs sidebar linking to your squeeze page. You could also create a pop up.
These are both really effective ways of collecting subscribers.


13) Pop Up Windows

Pop up windows are still a really effective way of getting subscribers, especially if the call to action is strong enough.
Exit pop ups also work well, when someone leaves your blog they see a pop up window with the call to action, giving them a chance to subscribe and telling them what they’re missing if they don’t.
You can use one of the many WordPress plugins and integrate them with your autoresponder to also create great looking pop ups.


14) WordPress Plugins

You could also take advantage of free list building WordPress plugins like ‘SumoMe’ or ‘Icegram’ to create your pop ups.


15) More Subscription Boxes

You can add subscription boxes anywhere on your blog or website. Using more subscription boxes in other relevant places gives people more opportunity to subscribe to your list.
Other relevant places may be your blogs bio or Facebook page.


16) Use Social Share Buttons

Use social share buttons on your blog and web pages, people who like your content can then easily share it with their friends.


17) Launch Your Own Product

You can build a substantial list of subscribers by launching your own product, this is the best kind of list to build because these are people who have now bought from you.
You should aim to build an army of affiliates and have them promote your product for a commission, some marketers cleverly offer 100% commissions on front end products to their funnel which is attractive to affiliates.
This keeps everyone happy as the affiliates make all the money on the front end product, you make money on the back end of the funnel, whilst at the same time building a solid mailing list of buyers.
You could also create some email tutorials or free webinar training, or even a free membership website where you offer resources like guides, podcasts and videos when people register.


18) Generate Subscribers Through Affiliate Marketing

You could run an affiliate campaign for a product and offer your own bonus, then create a thank you page where they can enter their details to receive the bonus.


19) Create Videos

Another powerful way to pull in more subscribers is to create videos.
You could create a series of short video tutorials, or upload videos to YouTube and link to your blog and lists from the description column.


20) Solo Ads

You can purchase solo ads where you pay another marketer to deliver a certain amount clicks to your squeeze page or offers, a compelling solo ad can work wonders for your list building.
Check out


21) Banner Advertisements

Banner advertisements can also help you collect subscribers. You can purchase banner ad slots on various different sites from social media, youtube, google adwords, Yahoo and amazon, just to name a few.


22) Host Webinars

Webinars are seminars that are conducted online and they’re becoming extremely popular.
You could invite people to join you on a free webinar where you will discuss maybe your expertise, solve a problem or answer questions.
During the webinar and at the end, you can invite people to join your newsletter or visit your squeeze page to receive a bonus for attending.


23) Joint Ventures

You can set up a joint venture with another marketer in your niche and arrange for some sort of exchange in order to build each others lists.
Doing this with other trusted marketers will help show you as an authority in your niche.


24) Use Audio To Collect Subscribers

Set up interviews with experts in your niche and record the audio on mp3.
Once you have these recordings, you could give them away to your subscribers or even package them into a product and sell them to build a list of buyers.


25) Create A Free eCourse

Create a free ecourse and set it up in your autoresponder to go out over a week or so, maybe teaching different steps to achieving a certain goal in your niche.


26) Split Test Landing Pages

Split test different landing pages by sending identical traffic sources to them, test which landing page converts better and use the best performer for your list building campaigns.


27) Forum Posts

Posting relative and valuable information in forums is a great way to get more subscribers on your list, but also a great opportunity to be recognized as an expert in your niche.
Always read and abide by any forum rules or you may be banned from commenting.


28) Write A Blog Post To Promote Your List

Write a blog post announcing the launch of your newsletter or giveaway highlighting the benefits for the subscriber. Post it to your social media profiles to drive traffic to your site.


These are all great ways to boost subscribers on your list, with social media alone you can drive enough traffic to grow a substantial amount of subscribers.

By using all of these list building techniques, there is no reason you can’t start building a super list of subscribers right away!

Create yourself a blog if you don’t already have one, set up social media profiles and pages, get a professional autoresponder and get building that list!!!

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