My focus over the past weeks has been spread accross a few different areas of my business from building my mailing list, writing a report, working on my first paid product and posting on my Blog (Which i’ve just got around to doing!!!).

Like many people trying to break into internet marketing, l’ve been doing all this whilst working a forty hour week offline!

When you’re in a similar situation with limited time on your hands, It’s important to use the free time that you do have wisely.juggle-time

It’s extremely difficult to stay focused and motivated sometimes whilst juggling your time like a mad man.

But when the work has to be done…….It has to be done!

So the only thing you can do is make sure you have a solid plan in place!

This is why being a member of The Online Wealth Blueprint is priceless to me!

Because it’s delivered in weekly modules and each module is broken down into smaller tasks, it makes things much easier to understand and apply.

Not only that, it keeps my mind going in the right direction, taking the right action at the right time!

Things are a lot less overwhelming this way and really helps me get things done ‘Quicker’ and ‘More Efficiently’.

Having a plan to follow is essential!

You can plan out the whole process of any project start to finish, by breaking it down into smaller more achievable goals for the time you have to spare.

You may only have an hour a night, or you may have three!

Either way, you can then allocate tasks that need to be done within your chosen time frame.

‘You’ and ‘You Only’ will know how much time you have to spend on your online business, so make sure you use it wisely.

Construct a plan that clearly shows the path you need to take to achieve your goals!

By creating a step by step plan you are able to see the finish line once it’s completed, you just need to apply each step in order to get there!

Things are a lot more stressful and uncoordinated without a plan whatever you’re trying to achieve, whether it’s building a house or building an online business!

For example, when your building a house a method statement will be written by the architect or surveyor, that clearly shows the steps that need to be followed in order to build the house correctly and efficiently, which also gives them a rough idea of time scale providing it all goes to plan.

The bricklayers build the walls, the carpenter puts the roof on and the floors in, the plumbers and electricians plumb and wire the place, then plasterers plaster the walls, the painters paint the walls and so on!

The same applies when trying to build an online business and before I had the OWB to follow I was doing a lot of things backwards, taking shortcuts and missing things out.

I was basically trying to paint walls that weren’t built yet!

Don’t waste countless hours of your precious time because you have no plan to follow!

So much time is wasted when you don’t have plan, so get planning your path to success!

Create your very own method statement start to finish!

You could simply use a diary on your laptop or phone and once you have created a plan, you can break it down into achievable daily tasks.

Bottom line is, Juggle your time wisely!!!!

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