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4 Powerful Ways To Make Money Online

Out of all the ways to make money online there are a select few that seem to stand out like a sore thumb!

So I want to quickly share with you those powerful money making methods that I see people using day in and day out to become successful online.


#1 Blogging

First up we have blogging!

Your own personal blog is a very powerful asset to have in this day and age as it allows you to;

  • Interact with the world
  • Share your knowledge and opinions
  • Create a following
  • Build mailing lists
  • Promote your own products and services
  • Promote affiliate products and services

Every day more and more online entrepreneurs are building extremely successful businesses through blogging, I know marketers who are making 100k plus on a monthly basis from their blogs.

If you don’t have a blog and you would like to create one, I suggest you purchase a domain name and hosting package, then link it to WordPress to get started. Check out this post on how to do exactly that – WordPress Blog Setup Guide

You should use your blog as the starting point for your business, teach what you have learned, collect subscribers for email marketing, create your own products to promote and promote affiliate products.

When you have a blog in place you should start collecting subscribers and building a mailing list.


#2 Build a Mailing List

Email marketing is possibly the ‘most important’ and ‘profitable’ component of any online business. Having a mailing list allows you to instantly drive traffic to anywhere you want through links in your outgoing emails.

For example, you can;

  • Send out a broadcast email to your list and link straight to your own products sales pages and funnels.
  • Link to an affiliate product that you are promoting.
  • Link to a bonus page where you are offering a bonus to people who buy through your affiliate link.
  • Link to posts and product reviews on your blog.

All you need to start building your very own mailing list is a good auto-responder like Aweber. You can easily create a squeeze page with Aweber and have them host it for you, so you don’t even need a website to get started.

Although, the common practice when building a list is to offer something of value to your subscribers in exchange for their email address, so having your own website or blog comes in handy when creating download pages and thank you pages etc. so your subscribers can access your offer. You can attach files to your emails inside Aweber but the file size is quite limited.

So once you have a blog in place and you have a way of collecting email addresses, you can then think about promoting products on your blog and to your new subscribers to start making some money and building your income.


#3 Affiliate marketing

Next is good old Affiliate Marketing. This is how I made my very first dollar online and for those who don’t know what it is let me quickly explain.

This is where you earn commissions through promoting other peoples products and it is very attractive to those who are looking to get their feet wet with internet marketing.

As an affiliate you don’t have to spend time creating products, writing sales pages, building affiliate pages, dealing with customers and so on. You just simply need to get people to click through your affiliate link and buy the product you are promoting and the product owner takes care of the rest.

Digital information products like eBooks and video courses are the most profitable products to promote as they offer much higher commissions, up to 100% in some cases.

Products and services that offer recurring commissions are very attractive to affiliates as you can promote a product once and get paid over and over again for that one sale. For example, if somebody paid a monthly subscription fee, then you would receive a percentage of that fee in commissions every month.

If you want to get started making affiliate commissions then you can create a free account at places like JVZoo and ClickBank to choose from thousands of these digital information products that supply you with all the promotional tools you need to start your first campaign.


#4 Create Your Own Product

Creating your own product is possibly the most secure business model for online marketers.

When you actually own the product you have complete control over the what happens, whereas if you just promoting other peoples products, your business is really controlled by someone else and could vanish at any time.

Your own product will be there forever and it is not at the mercy of other people. When you create your business around your own products you have full control over the future of your business.

Although there is a bit more work involved in creating your own product it is a lot more fun and you will be able to recruit affiliates of your own and have them do 90% of the work promoting your product for you!

Recruiting affiliates to promote your product you can reach a lot more people than just promoting to your own audience, as your affiliates will promote to their readers and mailing lists. Even though you will be paying out affiliate commissions you will ultimately make more money and collect more subscribers from the amount of people reached.

When you have around 2 to 3 products of your own, you can then use them to build your own sales funnel and offer a high commission on your front end product. This is why a lot of people offer 100% commissions on the front end products as it attracts more affiliates to their sales funnel and mailing lists.

You could start off small just like I have and create a simple report or eBook, then move up to creating video’s, audios, mind-maps, worksheets and packaging them all together into a sales funnel, or even just one big product.

My ‘Plan of Attack’ is to incorporate all of these powerful strategies into my online business in this order, to work together as a well oiled machine.

Individually these are all powerful ways of making money online but when used together they become a mega profitable business model!

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you would like to discuss any or all of these methods of how to make money online, then please either leave a comment below or contact me on Facebook!

Talk soon……….

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