WordPress Blog setup Guide

It’s getting to the point now where everyone on the planet has a presence online, whether it’s a business, a profile on social media or a blog.

If you still haven’t created your own online presence there is no better place to start than a blog!

Your own blog is an amazing thing to have this day and age, people are creating a huge following and building extremely profitable businesses just from blogging alone.

wordpress blogHaving your own blog allows you to interact with the world, share your knowledge and opinions, build a following, collect subscribers, build huge mailing lists, promote affiliate products, promote your own products and so much more!

But the process can be quite daunting for non techies as I know too well.

So i’m now going to guide you through the whole process of building your very own self hosted WordPress Blog start to finish, so you can start creating your own online presence.

To get started you will first need a couple of things!

Firstly you need a Domain Name.  –  A Domain Name is simply your websites address.
(As you can see my blog Domain Name is www.stemurphy.com)

Secondly you will need Web Hosting.  –  In order for your blog or website to be found in the search engines you will need to publish it with a Web Hosting service.

So, let’s first look at what to consider when choosing a domain name, you should try to choose one that really represents you or your business.

For example;




You will notice that my Blog has the domain www.stemurphy.com

This is perfect for me as this is my own personal blog.

You should aim for the more professional .com domain as opposed to the .org, .net and .biz domains etc. Nothing really represents you better than Yourname.com

When you have decided on a good domain name, you then need to purchase your web hosting.

First you should know some important key features of a good web host, in order to know what to look for.

Features of a good web host are –

  • cPanel
  • Host Unlimited Domain Names
  • Unlimited Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • Unlimited Email Addresses
  • Easy FTP Access
  • Good Customer Support


There’s a bunch of web hosting services to choose from but my golden recommendation is D9Hosting. They cover all of these features and the customer support is outstanding.

The overall aim here is to register a .Com domain name with a good web hosting package.

But as I host all my domains with D9 I am going to be using them for the purpose of this post.

Let’s go over to D9Hosting to see how to register your new domain name and hosting package. (Just click the highlighted link to open D9 in a new window.)

When you are at D9Hosting home page, look for this box pictured below.



Now enter the domain name of your choosing and then click GO.

(Note: Enter just your domain name (e.g. Yourname) leaving out the www. and .com as they are added automatically.)

Remember to get www.yourname.com if it is available.


Or if that isn’t available try putting a hyphen in the middle like this (-)


Do the same if you are using a business name, for example




Once you find a suitable domain that is available you will see this box



You will notice in the example image that the domain name I have chosen is www.ste-murphy.com and it is available!

This is just for the example as I already have my Blog’s domain at www.stemurphy.com.

You can then choose the duration of how long you want the register your domain name for in the drop down menu on the right, then click the order now button.

You will then see this text on the next page



Click the link to add your desired hosting package for your new domain name and continue through the next few pages to review and purchase your order.

Once you have purchased your domain name and hosting package you will receive your confirmation and welcome emails via the email address you register with.

Keep these emails safe, especially the one labelled ‘New Account Information’.

(I recommend you save this email in your inbox or even copy and paste it into a text file and save it to your computer.)

In your ‘New Account Information’ email, you will have a link to your new cPanel, along with your username and password to login.

Your cPanel is basically your control panel for your blog where you can see all of your domains and other important stats for your sites.

The cPanel dashboard will look like this



This is where you are now going to link your new domain to WordPress to start building your Blog.

If you haven’t already logged in to your cPanel you should now go to your email inbox and find your New Account Information email from D9hosting, find the link along with all the login details to access your cPanel.

Follow the link and enter your new login details to log in to your cPanel.

You will be greeted with a ‘Getting Started Tutorial’ where you can get a good understanding of what your cPanel is and what it does, so feel free to take the guided tour when you log in.

You then need to scroll down to the Software/Services section and find the Softaculous app installer Icon shown in the image below



When you click and follow the Softaculous link you will see the following options



Hover over the WordPress icon in the top left and the install option will appear


Click install and on the next page you will be asked for some details.

Everything is already set-up all you need to do is choose an admin username and a strong password.

The username and password that you enter here will be the ones you use to login to your new WordPress Blog admin area.

Enter them into the box provided that looks like this


There is a good strong password supplied for you as you can see here but you should change it to something that suits you and easier to remember.

Just make sure it is a good strong password!

Keep your new admin username and password safe as you will need these to login to your WordPress admin area. (Save them in a text file like notepad)

There is also section at the bottom of the page where you can enter your email address to receive your new admin login details by email.


Whatever you do just keep these login details safe!

If you would like to be sent your new login details by email then enter your email address and then click install.

And there you have it…..

Your wordpress blog is now set up! You can now log in and access the WordPress dashboard by going to www.your-new-domain.com/wp-admin

This link will take you straight to your admin login page which looks like this

WordPress Blog

Now just enter your new admin login details into the boxes provided and hit ‘Log in’.

When you log in you will be taken straight to the WordPress dashboard which looks like this


WordPress Blog


You will probably see the orange icon next to ‘Updates’ in the top left of the sidebar which will have a number inside it, this number shows the amount of updates that need to be performed.

Always keep your blog updated. If you have updates perform them now by following the ‘Updates’ link.

When you have done that, you’re now ready to start adding posts, pages, themes, plugins and widgets to personalise your presence online!

There’s huge potential to make a lot of money from a blog, so dive right in and start creating some awesome content and promotions that your readers will love!

Make sure you link to all your social media sites so your content can be shared and maybe even go viral!

Whatever your intentions for your new wordpress blog I wish you the best of luck.

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