How Important Is Building A Mailing List?

How many times have you willingly handed over your email address to sign up to someone elses mailing list?

How many times have you found yourself at someone elses blog or website through reading your emails?

How many times have you bought something from somebody through the links in your emails?

Answering these questions should give you an idea of how important it is to start building a mailing list. It’s the most powerful way to instantly drive highly targeted traffic to your content and products.

Go to your email inbox right now and take a look, if it’s anything like mine used to be then you’ll see a constant stream of people selling you stuff.

Am I right? Is your inbox packed full of emails from marketers trying to sell you stuff, constantly and relentlessly telling you that you need to buy that next big thing to make money online?

I used to sit there looking into my inbox for hours reading every single one of them and buying most of what was thrown my way.

I did this for longer than I care to remember and I spent a LOT of money, but all I seemed to get from it was confusion, stress and more debt.

Then out of nowhere the light bulb came on and I started to look at everything from a different angle. I realized that rather than looking at ‘What’ these people where marketing to me, I needed to be looking at ‘How’ they where marketing to me.

light-bulbThis sudden shift in mindset changed everything. I started to see the methods they where using to capture my details and raid my wallet. It was becoming clear how important having a mailing list really was and that I had to start building one immediately.

All you need to get started is a good autoresponder like Aweber or GetResponse both of which are awesome, then a way of setting up web pages.

It’s kind of like fishing and your autoresponder is like the keep net, once you have access to one and a way to create the neccessary pages, you can set up your own subscriber funnel and create something valuable as bait to entice people onto your list.

Remember to look at ‘How’ people are marketing to you and what their subscriber funnel looks like to get some ideas for your own.

Set up your keep net! Create your bait and get your rod in the water!!!!!

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