Over the last couple of weeks i’ve been working through the Online Wealth Blueprint, organising my tasks for moving forward and working on my blog.

Now I have my blog set up and ready to rock, i am going to try and post once a week to talk about what i’ve been working on and learning.

As time goes on and I gain more knowledge about internet marketing, I will begin to post more frequently writing more informative posts about the strategies I am learning and how they are working for me so stay tuned!

I have also linked my blog to all my social media accounts using a couple of different wordpress plugins, as you can see in the sidebar and at the bottom of each post. You can use the shareaholic at the bottom of each post to share the content on your social media.

Now my blog is ‘alive and kicking’ and I have a posting schedule, it’s time to start building a list of subscribers.

I’ve signed up to Aweber to start collecting those all important email addresses. I’l be doing this by setting up a squeeze page and offering something of value in exchange for peoples email addresses.

My valuable give away will then become the front end of my very first sales funnel, which will eventually also consist of a number of paid products. The idea is, when somebody interested in my free valuable gift enters their email address and signs up, they will be immediately directed into my sales funnel to paid products related to the valuable gift.

I have spent a lot of money on information products over time, most of the time it’s been through emails I recieved from other marketers, marketers who’s lists ‘I’ had signed up to in return for something valuable that ‘They’ were offering.

It’s now time for me to move to the other side of the table to start ‘selling’ instead of ‘buying’ and ultimately making some money!

I have plenty of work ahead of me creating my valuable offer and the paid products to follow, so i think I’d better get cracking with it! 🙂

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